Banglar Bhumi – West Bengal Land Records Mutation Mouza Khatian ROR GRN Search

All states in India are going to digitalization all land records under Directorate of land Department which is a very easiest way to citizens to find out their lands of various status. If we look back in history it is regulation of 1793 which created zamindari system with full proprietary right in land to payment of land revenue. In 1885 Bengal tendency act was passed .this act was formulated to consolidate certain enactments relating to land board of revenue which was formed in year 1786. west Bengal land reforms act 1995 was introduced and family based ceiling provision were adopted. Whole land of state west Bengal is contributed in 23% in country and 53% of beneficiaries vis-à-vis in all states.

Department maintains land record information of 42.159 Mouzas and approximately 4.30 corers khatians across state. Department has introduced a web portal to search land details of every citizen of west Bengal. We will discuss services of land related to west Bengal government.

Services which are to be used through online with help of official website and website is “”. Web portal came into existence in year 2010. official website can be accessed through multiple devices such as PC, laptops, smart devices. Services which are to be done through online process are as follows.

  1. Application/ Receipt re-print
  2. GRN search
  3. Khatian & plot information
  4. Land classification
  5. LR-RS plot clarification
  6. Mouza map
  7. Mutation case
  8. ROR request
  9. Online application form

Banglarbhumi Online Application:-

In this service citizen of west Bengal state can submit his queries, registration requests, and other processes through online also. It provides a beneficiary       relation between seller/buyer and government which reduces any conflict among them regarding registration and property status. Person can easily check property details through online process which is discussed below.

  • Know Your Property Khatian Information
  • Know Your Plot Information
  • Obtain your LR-RS Information
  • Know Mutation Case Status
  • Conversion Application
  • GRN Search Application

Person can get easily information on above services, without any time lapse unlike in ancient days. This website gives more information regarding land reforms of west Bengal state and this will help you to save your time and proceed process quickly throughout process.

Request GRN Search:-

GRN service is used to verify your payment status. Taxes payments and non-taxes payments is maintained in GRN status. For any application of Banglarbhumi you need to pay fee through online process. For example if you are applying for mutation process through online application you need to pay fee online by visiting online application mutation.

If you did not get any status after payment, which is done through online process. Whether that payment made is successful or not you may check as follows.

Visit online application in mutation case process

Then select on Banglarbhumi application GRN search.

Now you will display a message that status of payment is unsuccessful and money has debited from your account then you can register case.

How to know Banglarbhumi khatian & plot information respectively?

Please follow steps sequentially to know your land information.

First of all, open official website in a browser through online i.e.

After opening website there are many options tab, in that web page you have to select “Know your Property”.

Now webpage changed to new page in which you have to select your related fields such as District name, Block name, and Mouza name from drop down list.

In other hand you have to select whether it is search By Khatian Number or By Plot Number followed by captcha and then select view button.

Finally you will get information according to entries and save it for further process.

How to find land classification?

In this service citizen may get valuation and other stats of land which is consider under land classification. This option comes under citizen service option.

Visit same official website and select Citizen Service option, in that you can find column on left side select land clarification option.

Now select your desired district from top down list.

Finally you will get land clarification and land clarification code of your property also.

How to know LR-RS Plot Information?

All citizens and land owners may get entire land details along maps through online service. In this service you will get details of Revisional Settlements and Land Reform (RS-LR) plot information. Following are steps to get information.

To get this information you need to open official website.

In home page you can see many options in which you have to select Citizen Services tap.

Now page of citizen services open, in which you have to select Banglarbhumi RS-LR Plot information.

You can see different blank fields of District name, Block Name, Mouza Name from that fields select your relevant names from drop down list. Then another page will open.

In this page there are two options. They are

Sabek Dag > Hal Dag (L.R Plot Number)

Hal Dag > Sabek Dag (S.R Plot Number)

Now select your desired option and enter respective plot number and click submit button.

Now you can find all required data, you can save it and will get print also.

Banglarbhumi Mouza Map:-

If you know exact location of map then you need to use this service. By using online website you can check your Banglarbhumi Mouza Map.

First visit website through internet in a browser.

In that web page open option Know Your Property. Then another web page will open.

Select district, Block, Mouza name respectively from drop down list and select option of plot information from same page on other hand and enter plot number.

Now select submit button and view entire details of land, Mouza map information. You can save details.

Mutation Service option:-

First of all we will discuss what mutation is? Mutation is nothing but changing of ownership of land from one person to another person when property is sold or transferred. After completion of mutation process property is changed to new owner.

Government will charge property tax to new owner. So while changing ownership property tax is also one of main thing which has to be checked before signing agreement.  Payment for mutation changes from place to place or locality to locality in same state only. You can also check this mutation status by following process.

Process of Mutation Case Status

Go to official website and get log in.

Select Citizen Service tab and then select Mutation Case Status option.

New page will shows two options one is Mutation case Wise Search and other is Deed Wise Search.

For first option you need to enter your district, block, Mouza then submit button.

You will get your entered details in next page. If you select second option then you need to know only deed number and year.

Enter respective details and select submit button. Now you will get details of entered one save it.

What is ROR Request:-

Government of west Bengal has made ROR production mandatory for citizens of state due to fraudulent transaction. During land registration every land owner must use Banglarbhumi ROR request. On Aug 2013, government has stated certain restrictions on registration of land which is opposes to policy of public. To know about details of ROR please read following details.

Visit official website of Banglarbhumi west Bengal state.

Select know your property option. You will get a new page open.

Select relevant details of blank fields and select submit button with respect to their plot or khatian number. Then you will get your land ROR.

If details of land is not produced in ROR after registration of land or transferring land ownership then message will displayed as “Record Not found”. If details produced then result of ROR is displayed.