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By | August 7, 2019

Banglarbhumi ROR is a land record file in which whole west Bengal land record is maintained by Directorate of land and land reform. total land in west Bengal state is 86,87,540 hectares, from these net cultivated land area is 54,63,678 hectares. land which is about 63% of total land area 4.30 core land holders/raiyats.  West Bengal government has almost to complete all land records of state into digitalization process. With this process every all records will be available in online of official website of west Bengal government. In this process every persons can search or knows every issue of land such as fee payment calculator, plot map, registration of deed, mutation process, Retrieving plot information and many of other services.

This service will be used by official website of west Bengal government and it is maintained by Directorate of Land and Land reforms Department. People of west Bengal state can use this service to know their lands various status with respect to different aspects such as owner name, plot number, land areas, and market value of property. Following is process to know how to get ROR request.

How to get Banglarbhumi ROR check list:

ROR check list will get by following steps with help of official website i.e., https://banglarabhumi.gov.in

First open website in a browser will is stated above, then select an option “Know your Property” then web page will opens another web page.

Here there will be a tubular column of two sections. From which you have to select first left hand side column in that there will be you have three options and now you have to select “District name, Block Name, Mouza Details” form drop down list of respective options.

After this on right hand side column you have two options. Select either search “By Khatian number or By plot number” followed by captcha then select on view tab.

While registration of land you need to make a production and then you can view entire details of entered land if it is digitalized by Directorate of Land and Land Reform Department.

If record of land which is entered in fields was not digitalized then webpage will show a message as “Record Not Found”.

If record of lands digitalized then web page directly opens a new page of your related land details and then land details can also saves and make it print for further information.

If you need signed copies of these services then you need to go you relevant circles BL&LRO offices of west Bengal state. Which is valid for legal purposes.

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